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15 feb 2014 kl. 03:00

Bermuda Islands, 2000 Bermuda

Fly to Bermuda airport. Bring only one bag max 20kg. Take the train north to a little city called Quaiki in west village 20 km north of quaci provence. At the end of the city main street you will find a small bar called "Barsll". Ask for Tani, she will provide you with housing, water, food and transport for the following day. She will leave you in possession of a map. Rumours state that it will lead to a solitary beach paradise, a tropical bliss. Rumours state that the Island is funded by the world community dreaming about one day them self leaving for the Island.


Property Ticket (Enternal entrance)

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Housing (Eternal living)

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Food (Eternal free food)

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Water (Eternal free water)

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Donate to the Island

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