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03 nov 2017 kl. 20:00 - 04 nov 2017 kl. 01:00

Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 København

I samarbejde med Musikforening RIOT og Lygten Station

SuperCharger + special guests: Junkyard Drive

Entré: 110 kr.
Forsalg: 90 kr.

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"Supercharger will release their 4th album in late 2017. Leading up to the point of the beginning of this recording it’s been a couple of turbulent years for the band. After releasing their 3rd album (Broken Hearts And Fallaparts) in early 2014 a long tour period followed. The band played more than 100 gigs in 1½ year all over Europe after which long-term friend and lead singer Mikkel decided to leave the band. Supercharger had to finish the touring season with a stand-in front man on their first coherent 16-days headliner tour. Linc Van Johnson, an educated and gifted singer from Germany, whom we coincidentally seen earlier that year fronting another band, was flown in to do the job. Now, one year later Linc Van Johnson is still in the front as a full member of the band. The recordings for the new album are almost done and will introduce new sounds while remaining to the band’s trademark of Danish boogie woogie. And the strong songs on the album prove that Supercharger is back on track and stronger than ever"

“A sweaty rock machine”, “Rock’n’roll as if it were a matter of life and death”, “Plenty of big greasy rock riffs, bad attitude and fun”.

These are only a few of the words used by the music critics to describe the music and performances of Supercharger. Supercharger plays swinging rock ‘n’ roll - sometimes with metal undertones, at other times with a twist of country. It is stirred with steel guitars and spiced up with honky-tonk piano and blues harp. Supercharger is known for being an entertaining live band turning every gig into one big party. Their well-prepared performance is served persuasively to the crowd, winning over every audience with its charm and energy."
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2x9plfz
Blood Red Lips Video, feat. Ralf Gyllenhammar(Mustasche): http://bit.ly/2hFDKy1

Junkyard Drive is the new Cock-Rocking Rock N' Roll act, influenced by legends like Guns N' Roses and AC/DC. With banging riffs, face melting vocals and solid grooves, the band will make your ears beg you to stop, but your heart will force you to rock!

Junkyard Drive is releasing their debut album ''Sin & Tonic'' early 2017. The album reflects Rock N' Roll from the 80's, with a modern twist. It is produced and mixed by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Electric Guitars, Mike Tramp), and is recorded live in the legendary Medley Studios, Copenhagen.

During the session a well-known Canadian artist interrupted the band:

‘’We were about to finish the album in Medley Studios, just a couple of weeks before heading to the States. We had just two days to record 4 tracks, everything was set up and we were ready to go. This is when Justin Bieber showed up in the studio with his whole entourage of bodyguards and men in suits and wanted to record a song!

Bieber put us on a 6 hours hold, but when we got back in the studio we picked up the guitars and started shredding away, and we managed to stay inside our time limit.” – Birk, Junkyard Drive

The vision of the album is to bring honesty and dignity back to the music and get rid of things like X-Factor and DJ's. The lyrics are referring to a society where people are “experiencing” concerts through a smartphone instead of using their eyes, ears and brain.

Junkyard Drive has toured all over Denmark for the past two years, and have played in Latvia, Netherland and Germany as well. In October 2016, they toured USA and Mexico to perform songs from “Sin & Tonic” in Florida, Texas, Saltillo, Monterrey and Mexico City.

The band has supported Lizzy Devine (Veins of Jenna, The Cruel Intentions) and shared stage with legendary Primal Fear.

The attitude is the main focus in the highly energetic shows including: sweat, blood and beer. So if you are into straight forward, honest Rock N’ Roll, Junkyard Drive is here to answer your prayers!
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2xJCq3D
Geordie Video: http://bit.ly/2iLInCb


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