Ladies: Meet - Workshop om personligt lederskab

03 nov 2016 kl. 17:00 - 20:00

BDO, Havneholmen 29, 1561 København

Do you know the feelings of working on multiple projects with competing priorities, juggling "me-time" with your professional goals and have a hard time letting go of doing things perfectly? Then this interactive workshop on personal leadership is for you

Ladies First have invited two cross-cultural, internationally working women to host and facilitate the workshop, and they will take us through themes such as time & resource management, balancing roles & identities, self-worth/self-doubt, collaboration tools and authentic leadership. All of it will be conducted in a world-café style session, where participants explore professional resources and best practices together. The facilitators speak both Danish and English.

Please bring books, links, and other materials/resources that have helped you define your personal and professional path, and that you'd like to share with other.

Susan is an organizational psychologist and a certified cross-cultural trainer and consultant. She supports teams, (future) global leaders and organizations to navigate complex environment and change. She concerns herself with her client’s emotional and psychological well-being and is fascinated by the effect of our mental state on performance and the state of flow and focus. The native German coaches both professional athletes as well as business professionals. After years in the U.S., Australia, China, and France, she is now back and living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Line Mørkbak is an experienced global business consultant, who is passionate about helping individuals in their career growth and supporting change within teams and organizations. Line is a strong believer in co-creations within teams and in the synergy that happens between individuals who are committed to learn together. Line is from Denmark, but after numerous stints abroad, she now calls Portland, Oregon (USA) her home.


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