100 Faces of 'each-other': Workshop and Interactive Ritual

07 apr 2018 kl. 17:45 - 21:30

Tinkuy , Skyttegade 3, 2200 København

....... to kick-start your Saturday evening in an unusual way......

To all my past and new ritual co-creators,

I want to invite you to a fourth season of my early Saturday evening ritualized workshops (7 April, 5 May, 9 June 2018), where I share treasures, knowledge, experiences from my personal journey with tantra&sensuality, performance art, authentic relating and dynamic complexity of being a human. And where through play, exercises and open, inspiring debates I frame and lead a multi-level, safe space, where you can challenge and express yourself more powerfully.

Who I think of when I design such spaces…

For those, for us - that are curious about lots, and especially about: -

***Attraction, non-Attraction + different levels of attraction and dynamic attraction: how to get to know a stranger deeper to the core and feel more free in expressing both your desires, curiosities and boundaries (paradoxically: less hiding => less hurting)

***100 Faces: explore and multiply your different sides to get "richer" in&out…and to take your “dominant” identity less seriously. Inspired by my

***Speak my language: Sensuality (being sensual with yourself; feeling sensual with others, aesthetics & touch towards objects and spaces )

Self-loving yourself, serving others: various languages of love

A ritual?

"100 faces of 'each other'" means a lot to me as a ritual. It invites you to start a ritual already before the event and hopefully lives on after. You will often be given a reflection/a mission before we gather face-to-face.

How you can contribute to my work:

Your involvement, your unique treasures to share and monetary:

for 2 first Tinkuy 'weekend' members it is s a gift,

Tinkuy members pay 115 kr., Tinkuy guests 215 kr, You can sign up in advance - ESPECIALLY when you get your free ticket

{you can also fill my Golden Mouse with cash at the door }

See you in this space…

Every workshop/ritual in this series will have a different theme as a starting inspiration point. From there I want both me and you to get surprised. Because I am more interested in art than fixed frames.

Theme for today: "7,5 deadly sins of love" - (as a natural continuation of my art performance/exhibition that manifests in Copenhagen 2 weeks earlier)

Bring people you care about whenever you feel it might inspire them.

These monthly "rituals" is one manifestation of 'Portable Door Lab': my art&life project of sharing. I am looking forward to see you and be seen..

With love, Iwona ..

if you have questions or for any reason want to connect with me before the event, feel free: iwona.h.r@gmail.com

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