A Hygge ? - test show

26 feb 2020 kl. 19:00 - 20:00

Lygten Station, Lygten 2, 2400 København

A Hygge? - test show

“How do you hygge? What does it taste like? What even is a hygge? To be honest, it's not something we think about too much in Denmark. But since the world is on fire, we want to try and bring some hygge spirit to the world. In this show, you can expect two-half hour shows where two new acts from Copenhagen, Denmark, tries their very best to make fun out of life and all the things that entails. Two different stories about growing up and learning, from very different perspectives. And a bit about how to pronounce the vowels in the word hygge.”

We are taking our funny words internationally, but before we do, we want to practice them on familiar grounds. Come along to our test shows at Lygten Station, where for cheap money you get to see us sharpen the material. Each show we’ll bring a couple of our comedy friends.

Doors 6.30 pm

Emma is young, enthusiastic and ready to talk about how we interact with the world. She draws her influences from the likes of Daniel Sloss, and is not afraid to call bullshit on the stuff we take for granted. The themes of Emmas comic voice is influenced by the mistake we make as people, and a celebration of just trying, while acknowledging that sometimes, she's a bit of a dick.

Mette is also young, though old enough that adult life and responsibilities are catching up with her. Her comedy is influenced by James Acaster, Felicity Ward and Sara Pascoe, which creates an odd but likeable persona talking about what life is like for this particular almost-30 year old woman, who tries to be woke but fit in. Someone who tries really hard to show that she is clever, and ends up being oddly physical without trying to.