A night of never-ending endings

26 okt 2019 kl. 22:00 - 27 okt 2019 kl. 02:00

SORT/HVID, Staldgade 26-30, 1699 København V

An attempt towards a never-ending ending

Genre: Performative research with emphasis on sound
Stage: Lille scene

How do endings begin? How do they end? Through last words, tones and imagery we invite you to an exploration of endings while the day dissolves into night.
You are welcome to stay, leave, fall asleep and dream as you like and there will be a night snack towards the end.
BRING a BOOK and add to the pool of endings. It can be one you are reading now or one that you hold dear. It will be safe, but, spoiler alert! 

This piece has been workshopped during one week of Eksil at HAUT prior to the festival.

Read more about the work and the artists here: http://hautscene.dk/a-night-of-never-ending-endings/

A night of never-ending endings is part of Y Choreography - the choreographic festival of HAUT. Check out the full festival program here: http://hautscene.dk/y_choreography/