A Ritual Play Night

Vermundsgade 13, 2100 København
18 apr 2020 kl. 19:00 - 22:30
Super arrangør
Billetter DKK 250,00 - DKK 300,00
Billetter DKK 250,00 - DKK 300,00

Experience a Ritual Play Night in Copenhagen 

Are you ready to meet and connect with others in a facilitated, non-verbal space?

Are you curious about exploring your uncensored impulses in the dynamic between you and other people?

Are you willing to be authentic and express yourself through movement, breath and sound? 

Will you give yourself permission to be all that you are?

Come and join us for a playful Ritual Play Night and find out!

Ritual Play is a non-verbal “play” between two or more people, where you have the opportunity to:

  •   Explore different interpersonal dynamics and conscious relating
  •   Be intimate with others in a space with no agenda and no expectations 
  •   Let your needs and desires guide your actions - without feeling “wrong” or judged
  •   Notice and freely express your boundaries
  •       Show your authentic self and be all that you are moment to moment
  •       Experience deep connection and healing
  •       Increase your self-awareness

In a Ritual Play, we use movement, breath and sound to express ourselves as we explore and express our honest impulses and responses in interactions with other “players”. The rules of the play create a safe container for exploring the now as it unfolds between you and one or more people. We only interact when it feels meaningful to us, and we never do harm to anyone, we interact with. 

The structure is simple. We use:

    • a defined space.
    • a timer.
    • a stop-word.
    • a few rules that support the interaction.
    • a couple of simple structures to begin and end the play.

The evening will be in three stages:

  • -       Landing & dancing; Land in the room and in your body and meet the other participants
  • -       Ritual Play(s)
  • -       Ending; Meditation and free sharing of your experiences and insights from the Ritual Play dynamics


A Ritual Play Night is a “Clothes-On” event. Self-responsibility and respect for other people’s boundaries are required; curiosity and an open mindset are very welcome. You are not expected to DO or BE anything you don’t want to. After each Play we set each other free and there is no commitment beyond the container of the Play space. 

The Facilitator:

Rikke Libak is an experienced workshop facilitator in the fields of conscious dance and conscious relating. Rikke is a trained Ritual Play facilitator. She received her training directly from the creator of Ritual Play, Marina Kronkvist. Every week, Rikke facilitates Conscious Dance classes. She also develops and facilitates workshops on Polarity in Practice together with Jakob Kjaergaard. 

For almost 20 years Rikke has been active in various tantric and David Deida-inspired women's groups, and she has received her training directly from David Deida at longer retreats on sacred sexuality and polarity. 

Rikke is an educated nurse and mindfulness instructor (MBSR) and has worked with stress research for several years. Privately, she is a mother of two and has been in a relationship for 27 years.

Ritual Play is created by Marina Kronkvist (Finland) and so far, the Ritual Play structure has been used in work connected to Tantra, Sexibility and Eros, in Community Building projects and in Contemporary Art practices and research. 

Price for this evening: 

250 kr. Early Bird until 14/3 2020

300 kr. Normal Price 

NOTE: Your ticket is valid for this workshop only and cannot be refunded or exchanged for future Ritual Play Nights. You are always welcome to sell your ticket, just remember to let me know.



Vermundsgade 13

2100 Kbh. Ø

Please arrive no later than 18:45, so we are ready to begin at 19:00.
Bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothes that allows you to move freely

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