A Sacred Circle of Song

24 nov 2019 kl. 16:00 - 18:00

Be moved Copenhagen, Suomisvej 2, 1927 Frederiksberg

~ A Sacred Circle of Song ~

Singing to the Great Mystery

for the Awakening of All

from our heart of hearts


Songs Sacred

to India, Africa, Hawaii and the world

~ A Ceremony of Voices ~ 

Offering a Light and a Blessing

to that place of love in All

A moment of Heart-full

resonancein this incredible world


No previous experience with singing is needed

Come as you are

Doors open at 15:45

We start at 16:00

If Your heart calls you and you are financially Challenged

or if you have any questions please call us

Ida 60133519

Surush 28774226

<3 With love Always <3

Surush & Ida

Early Bird Billet Salg lukket
Normal Billet DKK 165,00 + DKK 17,37 gebyr