Aalborg Cup 2020

29 aug 2020 kl. 08:00 - 30 aug 2020 kl. 20:00

AK Jyden Vægtløftningsafdeling, Skydebanevej 12, 9000 Aalborg

We would like to invite YOU to compete at Aalborg Cup 2020 at  AK Jyden in Aalborg, Denmark.

Since 1971 Aalborg Cup has been an annual event at AK Jyden.

Through the years we have seen a lot of strong lifters from all around Europe, and we would love to see that again!

The competition

Aalborg Cup is a senior competition, but all are welcome! This year there are qualifications for the meet. Please be sure to read them below before buying a ticket!

The competition will be held following the weight categories set by IWF. Medals will be given to first, second and third place in each category. There will also be medals for the best male and female lifter calculated by Sinclair points. Furthermore there will be a trophy for best team.

The team competition:

The team trophy will be awarded to the team with the two best male and the two best female lifters by best sinclair combined.


15. August will be the last day to buy the standard entering tickets.

Here after it will be possible to buy a last minute entering ticket - this until 22. August

The startlist will be released two weeks before competition - if you're not on the list, you can not start. If you think you should be on the list, please contact us. 

Required totals for qualifying:

Youth and junior lifters are exenpt from the qualifications. 

Qualifying totals for women:

45: 70 kg

49: 75 kg

55: 95 kg

59: 100 kg

64: 110 kg

71: 120 kg

76: 125 kg

81: 130 kg

87: 135 kg

+87: 135 kg

Qualifying totals for men:

55: 110 kg

61: 130  kg

67: 160 kg

73: 180 kg

81: 200 Kg

89: 210 kg  

96: 215 kg

102: 220 kg

109: 225 kg

+109: 230 kg

* The qualifying total must have been made after Aalborg Cup 2019 (1. September 2019) 

The meet:

29. August: 

- Womens weight classes 45, 49, 55, 59 and 64

- Mens weight classes: 55, 61, 67, 73, 81, 89 and 96


30. August: 

- Womens weight classes: 71, 76, 81, 87 and +87

- Mens weight classes: 102, 109 and +109

* Weigh-in: Both days at 8:00-9:00

* Competition start: Both days at 10.00

There may be a few time changes - pending on the number of lifters entering. Please keep yourself updated on social media in the weeks prior to the meet. Or contact us for information. 

**Aalborg Cup is conducted in accordance with international Anti-doping regulations.

**Tickets are non refundable


All lifters will receive a goodiebag - follow Instagram and/or Facebook to see more (links below)

Food and drinks

During the competition weekend, it will be possible to buy food at a foodtruck, and of course we have lots of coffee, sodas and energy drinks.


AK Jyden Vægtløftningsafdeling

Skydebanevej 12

9000 Aalborg


*Parking is free!

Social media

Here you can follow any news or changes. This is also where sponsors and sponsor gifts will be announced.


Only 5 minuts walk to our facilities:


10 minuts to our facilities by car or bus:


If you want to stay in town a couple of days before or after the competion....

You are free to come lift with us! But if you want to see the town, check out the webpages below:

Visit Aalborg - a great guide to Aalborg


Travel by bus in Aalborg - with this you can get around easily


Need to know more?

If any lifters have a problem buying tickets, or if you have any questions in generel, please feel free to email us: ak.jydenlive@gmail.com