[Aarhus] Growing Together: The Power of Mastermind Groups

14 dec 2019 kl. 12:00 - 16:00

Hjerterum - Holistisk Center, Mejlgade 95, på 3. sal, ., 8000 Aarhus C

🌟MASTERMINDING🌟 is the process that helped some of the most successful people to create meaningful connections and find valuable support in achieving their goals.

➡️ Why is it important to join a mastermind group and what are the benefits of being a part of one? The ambition of building something meaningful is a natural drive in all of us. As a rule, it comes for a price - at times it feels like a long and lonely journey.
➡️ Whether you are running a start-up, big company or you are interested in personal and professional development this masterclass is for you. 



In this 4-hour interactive workshop you will:

🔥Hear inspirational Speeches by 2 Professional Speakers 

🔥Learn the Benefits of Mastermind and How to Set up an Effective Mastermind Group

🔥Experience the Power of Masterminding with the Other Participants during the Day

🔥Get Ideas on how to Solve the Challenges You Might Struggle with 

🔥Get Feedback to help you Achieve Your Goals

🔥Make Connections with New Inspiring People

Stoyan Yankov is a serial entrepreneur, productivity & performance coach and professional speaker, with a master degree in Finance and a background from film & video production, digital marketing and advertising. Stoyan has been on stage in 15+ countries and delivered 100+ keynotes, workshops and trainings in topics ranging from productivity, entrepreneurship, masterminding and personal growth. Committed to personal growth for more than 10 years, Stoyan has created numerous #mastermind groups which have been invaluable in his personal and professional growth. Today Stoyan is a co-founder & managing director at Samodiva Masterminds, organizing mastermind experiences professionally since 2017. 

Klaudia Kaliisa is an entrepreneur, lifestyle and health coach and international speaker. A few years ago Klaudia left her corporate career to focus on her purpose to help people to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Since then, she has helped hundreds of clients to improve their health, energy and personal growth through personal coaching, bootcamps and trainings on an international level. She is working individually with clients as well as companies. Klaudia has been a participant and then joined the team Samodiva Masterminds where she was a part a mastermind herself, and then successfully continued to run online and offline masterminds with her clients.