Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival

19 aug 2018 kl. 15:00 - 25 aug 2018 kl. 17:00

The entire island of Aeroe, Ærø, Denmark

Hygge, fun and LGBTQ+ community

Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival is a space for LGBTQ+ families to be themselves while holidaying in beautiful, safe and peaceful surroundings; meeting other families that mirror our own; and celebrating our families in all their diverse and intersectional glory.

A family holiday requires time, and because of that the festival program leaves room to do exactly what your rainbow family desires at a tempo that suits you.

With activities gathering all festival participants:

  • An opening in the town of Søby, where we will play, make music and dance. We will all get to know at least one other family and together we will start the festival off with a burst of color and fun.
  • Make, (or learn to make) a bonfire on the beach by the town of Ærøskøbing. Watch the sun set with a glass of wine as the children play in the waters edge.
  • Join the harbor party in the town of Marstal and get a genuine maritime experience.
  • End your visit at the local church as the vicar invites the festival indoors to bless us all as we say goodbye or "until next year!"

Aeroe Rainbow Family Festival will include activities where LGBTQ+ families or their members individually, can have fun with others and make new friends. See program information on the festivals homepage.

But there will also be room for more informal meet-ups, with ‘hygge-spots’ for various age groups, where children can play and parents can relax, get a cup of tea, practice the Danish art of hygge and chat with new friends and each other.

Note, tickets do not include accommodation. Campsites, hotels, summer houses, etc. that choose to sponsor the festival will be listed on the festivals homepage with contact information as soon as possible.

The festival language is English.

The ticket price, which you can see in Danish Kroner, is approximately 135 Euro for an adult.

Adult's ticket, 19 years of age and above

Salg lukket

Children's ticket, 2-18 years of age

Salg lukket

Baby ticket, 0-1 years

Salg lukket

Adult Weekend Ticket (Thur. 23 evening - Sat. 25)

Salg lukket

Children's Weekend Ticket (Thur. 23 evening - Sat. 25)

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