Aflyst: Mediumship demonstration with Kaori

19 maj 2020 kl. 19:00 - 21:00

Art of healing Kaori, Mejlgade 95, 1.sal, lokalet 1.3, 8000 Aarhus C

This afternoon, Kaori will work with the spiritual world and delivers loving greetings and messages from your loved ones. Some of you will receive direct messages and others might get indirect messages. There is also the room for asking  some questions about your life situation in Clairvoyance.

As participants, you are open to the spiritual world and will join to create a good energy together during the demonstration.
It will be held in a calm and loving atmosphere.

The demonstration will be held only in English without interpretation. 

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There are only 15 seats, Price 100 DKK.
The door is locked at 19 sharp. So come in good time to find a parking lot.

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Klarsyn med Diana og Kaori  d.4. marts. 2020

Klarsyn med Kaori i Aarhus d.17. april. 2020

Mediumship demonstration with Kaori d.19 maj 2020 (English Only)

About Kaori Egholm
Kaori is a clairvoyant media, originally from Tokyo, Japan, and has lived in Aarhus for over 25 years.
She works mainly with energy and emotions in the form of healing and mediumship.
Kaori has heart warmth, calmness, and empathy. 
She offers private spiritual sessions with mediumship / clairvoyance. 
She also offers private session for Reiki and Spiritual Healing, Access Bars or Regression Therapy every Tuesday in Sjælerum, and Healing Circle for beginners once a month. 
She has a good working relationship with which is nonprofit organisation for offering free healing to the patients at hospital and hospice. 



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