Aromatherapy & essential oil blending for natural living

13 jun 2020 kl. 09:30 - 12:30

Billetter DKK 350,00

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Essential oils are versatile – each one can perform a variety of functions.  8 essential oils will be introduced in this workshop as basic home self care kit. Among these 8 essential oils will manage a huge number of problems like common cold, pain, insomnia, headaches and immunity support, it is the best self-defense at home and in public.

(This workshop is held in English) 

What you will learn:

• You will learn to distinguish the fragrance of  these 8 essentials and  each of their in-depth   therapeutic properties and emotional qualities, and how to calculate safe dosage and blend essentials oil step by step. You will also learn different carrier oil and their application. After the workshop, you will have confidence to use essential oils in a safe and effective way.

We will provide:

• All materials that are needed for the workshop, including workshop handouts, essential oils (for workshop uses) and the take-home products mentioned below

• Coffee, tea and cookies

You will bring home (retail value: Over 250 kr.)

• 1 inhaler

• 1 organic massage oil of your own creation

• 1 lotion bar of your own creation


Lisa Lin Halskov, the founder and maker of TRUESSENCE, is an Aromatherapist certified by National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy in the USA. She also studied Organic Cosmetics from the Science School Formula Botanica in England. Her passion for the astonishing natural ingredients is reflected through her 100% handmade products. 

More background information of Essential Oils:

Essential Oils are "medicine oils" from plants.

Nature has blessed us with a treasure trove of good-smelling liquid essences. There is nothing lightweight about essential oils, they are valuable in so many quite different ways that it’s hard to find a word or even an expression that fully describes what they can do: A system of healing.

People who use essential oils on a regular basis can’t do without them. The effectiveness versatility of essential oils are easy to incorporate into our lives because there are so many different methods to use. Essential oil is one of the most valuable gifts nature has given us to enjoy. 

TRUESSENCE offers different workshops introducing most popular essential oils, different way of using them for various physical and emotional concerns, the safety of essential oil and its dilution method. Don’t miss out this great opportunity to learn the use and blending of essential oil products!