Art Adventure - Art Classes (5-10 years)

22 jan 2019 kl. 16:00 - 10 apr 2019 kl. 17:30

Havnekulturkontoret, Århusgade 126, 2100 København

The Art Adventure Program is a sequential curriculum, developing interaction between each student’s creative expressions and their appreciation for art.

Free trial class on 22nd January 4 - 5.30 PM - PLEASE REGISTER at:
(priority will be given to persons registering for the full course)

Full course from 29th of January 4 - 5.30 PM
Price: 850 kr. for 10 Classes 1.5 hrs (includes all materials)
Limited spaces.

(Kindly note that registration of less than 6 persons will lead to cancellation, and you will get your fee refunded.)

The Art Program provides maximum opportunity for each student to have hands-on experiences in producing their art, enhanced by the integration of art history. Art education classes at the primary level will encourage critical and creative problem-solving skills, as well as empathy for historical and contemporary art works. The program is designed to encourage cognitive development, through the involvement of all of the senses. The students will establish a continuing portfolio for the purpose of generating ideas, recording visual incidence, review of art vocabulary/concepts, and for assessment of growth.

The course is taught by Debdutta Dasgupta a trained artist, with years of experience in working with children of various age groups and abilities. Instructions in English and the instructor is learning Danish and would love to practice her Danish skills :)

 Art Adventure ( 5-10 years age group)

The course would  include concepts which are fun, imaginative and creative to stimulate the children to have fun with art.

  1. A Drawing Adventure: children will be encouraged to make a run with their imaginations and colour it with variety of oilpastel colours.Concepts of primary colours and secondary colours will be introduced with fun illustrations of what happens when various colours are mixed.

2. The Scribble story: We will create art with scribbles and patterns. A variety of Shapes will be introduced and how they create art. We will create a complete picture with the patterns and shapes. The famous little mermaid will be recreated on paper out of shapes and patterns.

3. The Number path: We will illustrate a book cover with number drawing. Children will be encouraged to think up their own animal protagonist and will try drawing them and paint a story around the character with help of numbers and colours.

4. Greetings Cards: seasonal greeting cards will be created out of geometric shapes that will be cut out. This tests the students concentration and coordination and is always a fun project. A greeting card with scratch art session will also be scheduled.

5. Stone Cave painting: A storytelling session about Stone age and the beginning of human settlement and then on a piece of Stone they will paint with acrylic colours.

6. Fun with watercolours: Water colours will be introduced to paint fruits ,veletables and other compositions.

We will continue with a few more water colour sessions.

7.Art appreciation: An artist of repute and his famous work will be introduced to the Class and they will be encouraged to analyse it and paint their own composition inspired by the masterpiece. Acrylic colours would be used as a medium.

8.Canvas: Each child will have a small canvas to finish the art session filled with their own creation with bright acrylic colours.

9. Final Grand Exhibition: A final exhibition of all the artwork compiled would be put up at havnekulturkontoret on April 10th 2019 and distribution of certificates for completion of the Art Adventure course

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