Axeltorv 3, Kld, 1609 København V
10 apr 2020 kl. 13:00
12 apr 2020 kl. 05:00
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Billetter DKK 100,00 - DKK 300,00
Billetter DKK 100,00 - DKK 300,00


Blackwork Tattoo Convention is a new, small and dedicated tattoo convention, with a full focus on the art and craft of black art.

Blackwork Tattoo Convention will have its premiere over two full days on April 10th & 11th 2020 at Copenhagen's premium rock club High Voltage.

The line-up of tattoo artists, performers, vendors and bands are carefully handpicked to suit the theme of 'blackwork' and the two days will be packed with arts and entertainment, to the delight of the visitors both day and night.


The line-up of tattoo artists is nothing short of amazing, with both local and international talent.
These are the people: Haervaerk Tattoo ▪ Lin Kaliyuga ▪ Sandullos ▪ Evelyn Deetz Art ▪ Lucifero ▪ Constanza Fache Tattoo ▪ Anders Grucz - Tattoo Art. You can find the profiles of the seven blackwork inkslingers here: bit.ly/2PJVmaf


During both the day and nighttime Blackwork Tattoo Convention will be spiced with performances of different kinds, ranging from black magic and witchcraft, to playing with fire in the sexiest possible way, to ancient nordic folk music and ultra dark satan-worshipping electronic music.

The list of performers is this: Agermåne (witchcraft)▪ David Troest (live art) ▪ Frænde (nordic folk music) ▪ The Fuel Girls [UK] (fire show) Lupita Pocket [Mex] (fortunetelling) Skærsilden (dark ritualistic electronica)

You can find the profiles of the performers here:

▪️◾️THE BANDS◾️▪️

Every day of the event will be completed by two performing bands. We have searched high and low to find the right ones, and these are the chosen ones...

FRIDAY: Nordsind (post rock/black) ▪ TAPHOS (death metal)
SATURDAY: KATLA (doom) ▪ Olm (sludge/doom)

You can find the profiles of the bands here:


Whether you are looking for a stuffed bat, a candlestick formed as a crows foot, vinyls, human skulls and various sorts of black apparel or other contributions to your already dark lifestyle, our selected vendors have it and you shall do your shopping here: Mephisto ▪ Lövendahl

You can find the profiles of the vendors here:


Last but not least, you can't go through two full days on ink, music, magic, shopping and drinks alone, so we have teamed up with Tapa Del Toro who is situated in the Tivoli Food Hall just across the street from us, where you can find a selection of discounted dishes made specially for you. You may visit them here:

Tapa del Toro (Tivoli Food Hall)

You can find the profile of the restaurant here:


By now you know, that this is the black cultural event you have been looking for, and whether you choose to spend the whole weekend with us or only wanna visit us one day, is up to you. These are the opening hours and with a wristband, you can come and go as you please:

13:00 Doors  
13:00-21:00 Tattoo Convention & Performances:
22:00-05:00 Bands and party

We have tried our very best to keep the ticket prices as low as possible, and this is where we landed:


Tickets are on sale at Billetto.dk now.

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High Voltage er danmarks ubestridt største, sejeste og flotteste rock klub, af international topkvalitet, beliggende i hjertet af København. Der er livekoncerter med rock- og metal bands fra ind- og udland hver fredag og lørdag og på udvalgte hverdage. Hver weekend er der efter koncerterne full on rock 'n' roll og metal natklub.


FRE-LØR: 19:00-04:00+

Døre: 19:00
Vejl. Koncertstart: 20:00
Natklub: 22:00-04:00+




Kan afhentes i garderoben i vores normale åbningstid.

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