Blooming women

28 sep 2019 kl. 09:00 - 29 sep 2019 kl. 20:00

cph, Bispeparken 1 1tv, 2400 Kbh

Blooming Women - find your path; bloom together.


Retreat (Sept 28 - 29): 

A 2-day immersion camping retreat in nature. Here we set our intentions and open with ceremonies of the 4 elements. We eat together, share together, and connect with the power of nature. 

5 Workshops from Oct 9 - Dec 4 (every 2nd Tuesday): 

The transformative blooming workshops will be at Tolvkanten in Copenhagen every other Tuesday evening. from 18:00-22:00. Together, we will eat, share, and dive deep.

TRANSFORM stagnation, and hesitation. Be WILD, NATURAL, and EMPOWERED. 

🌹 LEARN MORE about the Blooming Women Program here:

NOTE: This is lead in english and we have a limited space for 14 women.