BLOXTALK – Philosophy of Design

12 dec 2018 kl. 16:00 - 18:00

DAC i BLOX /DAC in BLOX, Bryghuspladsen 10, 1473 København K

Bruce Mau is one of the most pioneering creative minds of our time. As a designer, innovator and educator, Mau is dedicated to applying the power of design to transform the world. His work can be seen on billboards, buildings and book covers across the globe and this December, he visits Danish Architecture Center (DAC) to talk about his philosophy of design. Join us and experience the legendary designer, enjoy a glass of Wednesday bubbles and explore our current exhibitions.

In this BLOXTALK, Bruce Mau returns to the origins of the architectural project — how we live — as the critical question that design and architecture must ask and answer. He will discuss the power of "architectural thinking" to shape our future.

Doing this, he will take us through the philosophy that has directed his work for more than three decades. Mau has worked with visionary brands like Coca Cola and MTV and he was recently involved in the development of DAC’s new visual identity. He has worked on projects like “ZONE 1|2” on the contemporary city, “Too Perfect: Seven New Denmarks” and the 1000-year plan for the future of Mecca. Mau has also written or designed a wide range of books, including the influential book, S,M,L,XL, in collaboration with Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. 

Join us for a talk on the transformative power of design from one of the absolute brightest stars on the field.


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