Blue Growth Innovation to Secure Future Food Security

27 nov 2019 kl. 09:00 - 17:00

Hotel Christiansminde, Christiansmindevej 16, 5700 Svendborg

On the 27th of November, we explore how Bluetech Innovation in symbiosis with Agro- and Foodtech can provide a pathway for improved food security, while ensuring responsible production and consumption. The conference is co-organised together with Chr. Hansen, the most sustainable company in the world according to World Economic Forum.

When it comes to sourcing of technologies, industries look to industry-specific solutions. Instead, industries could benefit from a more holistic approach to the natural resources available, and interplay with other industries. 

In agriculture, fermented seaweed can be used as a protein source can increase nutrient absorption in animal feed. In aquaculture, alternative sources of fish meal can help alter the gut bacteria composition for, not only healthier fish but also waste produced, while drastically reducing the use of antibiotics. In foodtech, antioxidants extracted from seaweed can be used in food to prolong shelf life.

The challenges of plastic are worries us. Therefore, we are also this time putting a focus on how the challenge of plastic in the world oceans and on land can be combated using biomass.

Join this Blue Tech Cluster conference in Svendborg, to explore how your industry can benefit from a holistic and cross-industrial approach to a sustainable development. Enhance innovation and benefit with Blue Tech Cluster.

See some of the great moments from the last conference:

A motivation for every participant

For the Industry frontrunners
We know. You’re not only joining because of the subtropical Danish weather. You are here to gain the latest insights in the emerging market of blue growth and the synergies to agrotech and foodtech, so that your business can develop in the right direction. This conference is the preferred place for networking, matchmaking and tech scouting.

For the visionary Investors
The EU and Commonwealth Secretariat has estimated the value of Europe’s Blue Economy to be worth €500M with a yearly added value of 10%. But we only utilise approximately 5% of the ressources provided by the oceans and sea basins. Take this and combine it with the synergies to agrotech and foodtech. Then investors can find a world of new investment opportunities that can make significant difference to the status quo when it comes to environment, business innovation and people. This is you matchmaking playground for blue growth.

For the knowledgable Researchers
Much of the cutting-edge knowledge exists in universities and research institutions. Startups, on the other hand, are one of the most efficient vehicles for taking great ideas and scaling their impact. Put these two together, and you have a powerful mix.

For Startup pioneers
Being a first-mover in the technological space or in bio science is tough. We know how much a network mean in developing a scalable business. But a network is not all. You need the right network in the field you are in. This is what you will get.

For Governmental change-makers
Is there a reason why most rural areas also are coast near? In fact, blue growth innovation often requires direct access to marine territories. Put these perspectives together and politicians have an opportunity to support job creation, population composition and attract business but intensifying support for the Blue Growth sectors. This is where politicians and government officials meet the economic future.

For Student talent
Seeking a job once you graduate or do you want to know what knowledge the industry and startups are seeking. Then this is your ideal space to grasp the insights. Who knows, you might even find your startup co-founder.

The preliminary conference program

THEME #1: Animal health and aquaculture

  • Morten Tønsberg Limborg, Scientific Manager, HoloFood (H2020 IA), Natural diets for healthier salmon - Sustainable feeding strategies with optimised output. 
  • Jens Legarth, CEO, FermentationExperts, Increasing health through functional proteins modulating the gut bacteria.



  • Moderator: ‘Formulate an interesting project idea at your tables’ (20 min. networking and experience-sharing exercise)

THEME #2: Food security and shelf life

  • Line Roager, Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine, DTU Bioengineering, Bacterial Candidates for Colonization and Degradation of Marine Plastic Debris.
  • (Speaker to be announced), Antioxidants from seaweed to used in processed food for longer shelf life.
  • (Speaker to be announced), Future trends in Food Security with respect to the UNSDG.