Boeing Boeing

05 mar 2017 kl. 16:45 - 18:45
Billetter DKK 70,00 - DKK 100,00
Billetter DKK 70,00 - DKK 100,00

Bernard is living the dream in a swanky apartment in 1960s Paris. He has a maid to cater to his every need, a lovely view of the city and a vivacious air hostess fiancée. Wait... Make that three air hostess fiancées! He has their schedules nicely lined up and with the help of Bertha, the neurotic maid, things are kept under control. Until the much faster Superboeing is suddenly invented and Bernard's old school friend shows up at the door not at all ready for Bernard's special household... A fast-paced English-spoken comedy for all ages, nationalities and political views.

***This is a performance by CBS Students, for CBS Students and the cast and crews' friends and family***

***70DKK for CBS Students and 100DKK for non-CBS students***

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