"Brighton boys & Lucy"-work in progress

Nyhavn 16, 1051 København
22 jan 2022 kl. 19:00
23 jan 2022 kl. 20:00
Billetter DKK 50,00 - DKK 70,00
Billetter DKK 50,00 - DKK 70,00

The evening will be a double bill performance consisting of two pieces Brighton Boys-work in progress and Lucy- work in progress where the artists will use movement and music in different ways to express themselves.

Brighton boys-work in progress

1950. On the sunny Brighton Beach at the Japanese East Coast, the water is warm, and the work is grey. Simon gets pregnant, but the mermaid is nowhere to be found. Can he be a mother without her? And will Paul From Work still want to dance with him at the annual Tropicana Party?

Brighton Boys is a dance theatre story of love, distance, family and the struggle to be a real human in a sea of piña colada.

Performing: Det Fynske Dansekompagni
Choreography: Marie Keiser-Nielsen


The title takes inspiration from Lucy, what they named the fossils of what it seems to be the oldest human found on Earth. 

Captured in a society where we tie up our identity with accomplishments and labels, we can get lost in a life that seems restless. 

The piece will be a journey "home", where music and movement will lead to a rediscovery of our roots, hoping for grounding, calmness and connection to our natural instincts.

Choreographer and dancer: Giorgia Reitani

Composer: Ilmo Lars Pio Simonsen

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"Brighton boys & Lucy"-work in progress

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