Chipwrecked 2.0

23 aug 2018 kl. 16:00 - 26 aug 2018 kl. 23:45

Vårtgården, 3760 Østerlars, 3760 Østerlars

Probably the largest outdoor chiptune festival in the world, conveniently located just four hours from Copenhagen!

- Four full days of non-stop chip acts from all over Europe and USA.

- Free camping!

- Good vegan food and cheap drinks!

Artists this far (more to come):

4ntler (NL)
Adam Sporka (CZ)
Bitluder (DK)
Defense mechanism (US)
Demoscene Time Machine (DE)
die moderne welt (DE)
DJ Diskmachine (SE)
Fastbom (SE)
Freeo (DE)
gwEm (GB)
havocCc (DE)
I Am Legendary Robot (BE)
Klirre (DE)
Laffe the Fox (NO)
Little Bitboy (GB)
Malefi Cat (FR)
Midi Man (DE)
Naomi Sample (DE)
Pokeface (DE&AT)
Rymdkraft (SE)
Sajuuk (DE)
Shortee (DE)
Sinage (LT)
Sputnik Booster (DE)
Sweeps (DK)
x Critical Strike x (GB)

For continuous updates and more information, please check out the facebook event or one of the chat groups linked in the event info:


DKK 300,00 + DKK 18,10 gebyr


DKK 200,00 + DKK 13,73 gebyr