Circling - December cabin deepdive

13 dec 2019 kl. 12:00 - 15 dec 2019 kl. 19:00

Ballerupvej 93, 3500 Værløse

For the last circling event of the year (and since the november cabin deepdive filled up so fast) we have rented a cabin in Hareskoven north of Copenhagen again. We will spend 3 full days circling, eating and sleeping together, immersed in sharing and exploring our inner worlds.

Living together really deepens the field and opens new opportunities for discoveries of both self and other. This will be a great chance to go deeper in your circling practice or if you are new to circling, a powerful introduction. No previous experience with circling is required to participate.

The event takes place from 12.00 Friday to 19.00 Sunday and will be a mix of organized circling at daytime and a more free-flowing circling practice in the evenings.

The price includes 3 days of circling, food and accommodation.

The immersion is led by Ronja Lofstad and Peter Munthe-Kaas.


Circling is a practice where we bring our presence, aliveness and vulnerability into connection with a group - revealing our authentic humanness, what we are actually experiencing, in every moment. This allows for some very deep meetings as we allow ourselves to seen without our shields and really see others in their vulnerable beauty.

The core of the practice concerns bringing a greater awareness and appreciation into our connections with others by focusing on what is happening in the now. By zooming in, slowing down and bringing a meditative like acceptance and awareness to what’s happening in the moment, Circling creates an unexpected and powerful magic. This is deep and complex work and at the same time very simple and practical.

The practice enables participants to get better in touch with their bodies and emotions and to to communicate your desires more clearly. It involves a growth in sensitivity and empathy with other people and can stimulate completely new experiences of being.


There will be sold a maximum of 25 tickets for the event. A limited number of early bird tickets can be bought until the 10th of November. The price includes 3 days of circling, food and accommodation. You are expected to bring your own sheet, pillow and sleeping bag.

Price 1 (students, low income, unemployed)
- early bird: 950,-
- normal: 1300,-

Price 2 (normal income jobs)
- early bird: 1650,-
- normal. 1950,-

We have a strong desire that everyone who wants to can participate in our events, so if it is impossible for you to pay these ticket prices, please do contact us.


If you want to know more about circling we recommend checking out the webpage of Circling Europe, where we have done our instructor trainings with Sean Wilkinson and John Thompson. From their webpage you can find quite a few nice resources on the practice.

Peter has also written a bit about his experiences with circling on his blog:

Ticket DKK 1.950,00 + DKK 69,00 gebyr
Ticket (early bird) Salg lukket
Low income ticket DKK 1.300,00 + DKK 69,00 gebyr
Low income ticket (early bird) Salg lukket