Colossus -The first large-scale electronic computer

22 jun 2017 kl. 17:00 - 20:00

ENIGMA Museum, Øster Allé 1, 2100 København

Most people know the story of Enigma and how its defeat by the Bletchley Park codebreakers astounded the world. Now, Dansk Data Historisk Forening and ENIGMA has invited Jack Copeland to tell Bletchley’s success against a later, more advanced German cipher machine that the British codenamed Tunny.

Broken Tunny messages contained intelligence that changed the course of the war and saved an incalculable number of lives. Colossus was central to the Bletchley attack on Tunny. Thomas H. Flowers and his team of engineers and wiremen built the first Colossus during 1943 in utmost secrecy and at terrific speed. By the end of the war in Europe, there were nine of Flowers' gigantic digital computers working around the clock in Bletchley's Tunny-breaking factory.

Join us for this public lecture by Jack Copeland, the internationally acclaimed researcher and Alan Turing expert, followed by a social dinner at the museums Kantina.

Program for the evening

17.00 Welcome

17.10 Lecture by Jack Copeland followed by Q&A

19.00 (approx) Long table dinner at the Kantina. Social food, wine and beer served by Meyers.

The lecture will be in English. Tickets are required to attend

Talk only

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Talk + Long table dinner at the museum

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