Coma Club 2021

Secret Location, 1000 Copenhagen
13 nov 2021 kl. 21:00
14 nov 2021 kl. 07:00
Super arrangør
Billetter DKK 350,00 - DKK 450,00
Billetter DKK 350,00 - DKK 450,00

Coma Club is a tribute to the clubbing scene and to humanity in general. 

We believe there is a crazy party animal inside all of us. Combining that feeling with curiosity and diversity, the magical moments arise and people unite in an intoxication of insane and loving party pleasure. At COMA everyone is equal and the concept of VIP does not exist.


The purpose of everything we do is to spread love, embrace diversity, express individual creativity and dance the night away while having fun together.

We intend to entertain and inspire via the medium of a high-quality clubbing experience of unique ideas and unforgettable moments. Celebrating love and human creativity by crossing musical boundaries and personal engagement.
We endeavour to make the best clubbing experience in the world


Entrance between 21-24 only – we are closing the doors.
Secret location – is revealed three hours before doors open.
must be respected – or go home!

We are looking forward to welcoming you
Christian Dalholt & Kenneth Bager

Tickets are not refundable unless we need to postpone or cancel the event due to Corona-COVID-19 restrictions.
We reserve all rights to any picture- and video material produced at the party.
Entry requirements: min. 18 years.

Coma Club is Denmark's crown jewel of clubs ! Coma is wild and our guests appreciate it. Please party with respect for our dress code and each other.
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