Convention #1: Sounding Gender - In Search of The Sonic Self

03 aug 2018 kl. 14:00 - 05 aug 2018 kl. 16:00

Aarhus C, Aarhus C, 8000 Aarhus

Convention #1:
Sounding Gender
- In Search of the Sonic Self

3-5 August, Aarhus, Denmark
venues + program: Visit:
180 DKK (approx 24 €) + ticket fee
Includes/Adgang inkluderer:
- access to all daytime and night time events + pre-event at TAPE on july 27. (You must register separately for workshops)

-light catering, tea and coffee during day time program.

DA: Partoutbillet giver adgang til alle aktiviteter - Hold øje med eventsiden for tilmelding til workshops


@ Kunsthal Aarhus
Friday 03.08
Symposium 14-16.00:
14.00: Welcome + Opening Speech: "Don't Mention The Hashtag! - Detangling discourses" / Stine Kloster, Across The Floor
- Debate: The Balancing Act: Females Only? - presentation and debate w Kasper Marius Nørmark (lyd&litteratur)
- Seminar + workshop by Nikoline Nybo
(tea, coffee and snacks included)

19.00 - 22.00: Vernissage & performances:
- Vernissage Reception w Work presentation by Jade Foster
- performances by:
Ignacio Cordoba
Paula pin

04.08: @Kunsthal Aarhus:
11.00: welcome + tea / coffe Danish Bread (Rundstykker)
11.15-12.00 Women in Electronic Music through history: Seminar by Ignacio Cordoba.
X Lunch Break
X 12.30 -13.45: Sounding Gender - In search of the Sonic Self?:
Artist Talk + Roundtable Debate w. Alicia Jane Turner, Paula Pin, Kristoffer Raasted, Louise Vind Nielsen, Ignacio Cordoba
X Short Coffee Break
X 14-16: Transnoise Workshop / w Paula Pin (build your own transnoise device)

04.08: @ Radar (Live Music Venue):
19.30-00.00: Jomi Massage, Alicia Jane Turner, Orchid Domain

05.08: @Kunsthal Aarhus:
12-14.00: Closing Statements + AIR presentation (Louise Vind Nielsen)


What is Convention#1?

It is not a festival, it is not a convention.
Convention#1 is to be understood in its literal sense; it is a gathering of minds and ideas where we examine this year's topic "Sounding gender - in Search of the sonic self".
We wish to pose questions that challenges conventions and ideas in search of new ways of understanding the world we live in.
We embark on this exploration through the the eyes of artistic practice, to expand the understanding of how gender influences modes of production and reception in the field of music and sound art as an artistic and creative intersection.
We want to open the door and put the artists in the spotlight, while we invite the public to participate and engage on different terms, different ways and different levels, formed by virtue of the presented work, ideas and conversations.


Day 1( Fri Aug 3):
14-17: talks, debates, project & research presentations
19-22: Vernissage: Sound Art performances & Installations

Day 2 (Sat Aug 4):
11.30-16: debates, artist talks, project presentations, workshops
19.30-00.00: Concerts at Radar

Day 3:
12-14.00: Closing statements & public workshops
All 3 days: visit installations


How to get there:

The Closest airport is Tirstrup (AAR).
It is also possible to fly to Aalborg or Billund. It will take approx 1 hour 45 min to reach Aarhus from each of the two latter airports.You can fly to Copenhagen too, but we advice you to take a flixbus from there as the national train service is not reliable.

Partout: Kunsthal Aarhus + Radar

DKK 180,00 + DKK 18,49 gebyr

Concerts at Radar only - Aug 4

DKK 60,00 + DKK 9,49 gebyr