CopenX Realities 2018 - Immersive technology conference

18 apr 2018 kl. 08:30 - 19 apr 2018 kl. 16:00

TAP1, Raffinaderivej 10 , 2300 København S

CopenX realities - Explore the possibilities and opportunities of Immersive Technologies with the leading minds in science, business, technology and media. The focus of CopenX is how technologies such as Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality, AI and Blockchain will impact existing business’, social and cultural structures.

Speakers and program to be announced at

CopenX realities 2018 is proud to present some of the best and the brightest on 18 + 19 April 2018 together with NextM @ TAP1. A ticket for CopenX realities also gives admission to the NextM conference.

NextM is a tech-conference focusing on how technology impacts media and marketing.

At CopenX realities you can learn about the impact of immersive-technology on cultural and socioeconomic structures, and how this will shape our future. We will feature keynote speakers in the fields of technology, entertainment, business, science, politics, NGO’s and media during two days of in-depth and innovative speaks, debates, workshops and networking.

The potential for these technologies to reshape our society presents an untapped opportunity for bettering our world while offering a bright, yet uncertain future. But also presents new challenges.

Conference ticket 18 + 19 april 2018 - Keynote speakers, debates, workshops and networking events.

DKK 2.600,00 + DKK 113,88 gebyr