VR:Cinema Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, 1051 København K

In the 'Spring' we follow the star architect Dorte Mandrup, and her working methods during the creation of the iconic Wadden Sea Center at the West Coast and the Icefjord Center in Greenland. The artistic process is based on poetic sensations of the magnificent UNESO landscapes for the idea generation, testing and development of concepts. The 'spring' explores the intersection of vivid images, animation and 3D modeling, and provides a spacious understanding of Dorte Mandrup's architecture. Then we take in the 'Isle of the Dead' on a timeless journey, where symbolist Arnold Böcklin's famous painting from 1883 is recreated in VR.

Repeats everyday day 11:45 / 15:45 / 19:45

note: last screening on the 31st March at 11:45