CPHFW AW20: Nikolaj Storm // Afterparty

30 jan 2020 kl. 22:00 - 31 jan 2020 kl. 04:00

DieselHouse, Energiporten 8, 2450 København

NIKOLAJ STORM: The Forgotten Emperor

Thursday January 30 you are invited to an amazing evening and night at the DieselHouse museum.

Hidden but not far from the Meat Town District lies one of the worlds biggest engines ever made. This industrial scene will be taken over by jungle fever and fashionable inca club feelings.

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Nikolaj Storm Copenhagen is a young streetwear brand based in the capital of Denmark. This royal danish designer represents an eclectic style with focus on storytelling, prints and handpicked materials. 

Nikolaj Storm Copenhagen is colorful, bold clothing made for people who dare to be free. This clothes is for everyone to possess, so all collections are unisex. 
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<|| KING (US) - album release 
<|| IVAN$ITO (CL) - album release 

<|| Amanda Baun (DK) - Back To Future Sounds
<|| Dj Buda (DK) Lulu Rouge // Ibiza Global Radio

<|| Tommy-lee (UK) - the host

The whole museum will be exposed by a beautiful lightshow combined with fabrics from the designers collections. Within this fashionable universe, every installation from bar menu to surprising showcases is made to put you in ecstasy.

NB: This is a CPHFW statement, open for everyone! 

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Price: 80 DKK (ticket) // 100 DKK (door)
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"NTER the brand"