Cupid's 1st kiss

11 maj 2018 kl. 19:00 - 21:00

Bådteatret, Nyhavn 16, 1051 København

Cupid's 1st kiss is an immersive performance-installation working with interdiciplinary art (singing, choreography & music) with inspiration from the Greek mystery plays, psychoanalasis, feminists writings and ancient Greek religion.

About Humans have escaped in2 isolation 2 find their inner erotic beings, and exploring their erotic desire. But brain damage has caused amnesia that leaves them ignorant for all previous ideas about the erotic. What objects are erotic when you have no culture? What is the object of taboo then? Experience an exploration into the obscene. You can either show up as a passive observer in the audience, or you can choose to be an active participant– it’s all up to you!

Language: English

Performers & devising team:

Selma Kjelsen(performer,dancer)

Laura Kley(perfomer)

My Djørup (performer,dancer)

Igor Radosavljevic (performer,musician)

Søren Stegger(performer,singer)

Freja Maria Kreutzfeldt Kristensen (performer)

Ingrid Einarsson (performer)

Inga Gerner Nielsen (dramaturg)

Jonathan Hjort (Light design)

Igor Radosavljevic, Maria Nadia & Tobias Pfeil (Sound Design & Composition)

Maria Nadia S. Nielsen (director) & Laura Kley(co-director)

Advisory Board:

Jesper Tae Jensen (Author & Archeologist) His research interests include ancient Greek religion, sculpture, architecture, and topography.

Mikkel Reher-Langberg (Author & Psychologist) Recently published: "Faces of the Freudian I: The Place of the Ego in Psychoanalysis"

Simone Ejstrup (Blogger, writer & owner of

MAY 11 students+under 25

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MAY 11 - Adult

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