Days Of Improv - Day 2

02 dec 2019 kl. 18:30 - 20:45

Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København

Days Of Improv is a new performing arts festival focusing on improvisation as an artistic means of expression. The programme includes improv comedy, improv drama, forum theater, improvised music theater, talks and debate, and improv jam for everyone!

(Festival language: English)


18:30-18:55   Rebels in My Sight
The improv duo Rebels in My Sight was born out of the performers' desire to express themselves and express their comedy. They emphasize their individual comical voice, life experiences and personality, to create a believable and relatable world on stage. Born in Australia and Romania respectively, these funny guys now perform weekly in Copenhagen.

19:00-19:25   Den Syngende Lussing
Den Syngende Lussing (The Resounding Slap In The Face) produces totally improvised shows in which subtle characters and touching stories are being lured out of thin air. From social realism to coal-black absurdities the ensemble creates situations of poetry, thoughtfulness and great fun.

19:45-20:45   Skæbnens Labyrint
Life is a jumble of meeting places and crossroads. It is timing and coincidence that determine the route. But the decisions and choices we make always have a consequence. What if we had chosen differently? Where would we have ended up? Welcome to The Labyrinth of Fate, in which the people with fate in their hands, those who make the big decisions ... are the audience.