Deep dive on data: Best practices on how to get value from your data

22 jun 2017 kl. 16:00 - 19:00

24Labs ApS, Strandlodsvej 44, 3rd floor , 2300 Copenhagen S

Data is one of the key raw materials for a tech startup, which is why a lot of us are working hard on getting high-quality data for understanding our businesses.

The question is: How do you best organize your work with data?

Laurits Søgaard Nielsen will provide a deep dive through thoughts and best practices for two hours, followed by a Q&A. Laurits has been a consultant working on data and business intelligence for a number of years and is now heading Advanced Analytics in SKAT where a unit of 20+ people are creating just such data environment.

The event is best suited if you are working with data, analytics and Business Intelligence on a daily basis, but is open to anyone interested.

There will be coffee and water (and sparkling water!) available during Laurits' presentation, and beer and pizza afterwards.

Tickets will be issued on a first come, first serve basis.

You can read more in-depth information about the event here.

General Admission

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