Depeche Mode Tribute - FORCED TO MODE (DE)

12 dec 2019 kl. 19:30 - 23:00

Amager Bio , Øresundsvej 6, 2300 København

FORCED TO MODE er i følge Devotees verdens bedste Depeche Mode Tribute band. 

Hvem ved sådan noget andre end fans - og for første gang i Danmark - jubbiii:) 

Bare lyt her:

Alle ved også, at Depeche Mode har de absolut bedste fans, og når de samles er det en MUSIKALSK FEST. Mens Depeche Mode's Martin, Fletch & Dave går i studiet, og planlægger næste tour er vi mange som må have vores MODE Fix op til. Derfor er det med jubel, vi skal samles, synge og hylde Depeche Mode....Let's have a black Celebration. Læs og hør via link: 

Varm op - Everything Counts :

Never Let me Down again - lyder det ikke for vildt tæt på Gahan? Jo tak...: 

Black Celebration: 


Dørene åbnes til Amager bio: 19.30

20.00 Support: 

20.30 Forced To Mode live

22.30 Mere info kommer senere: After MODE Party - Tag en fridag d. 13.12.19 - Julegaven til dig selv?

In 2011 Forced Movement, a Berlin based Electrock / Indietronic Band, formed the Depeche Mode
Tribute project „FORCED TO MODE“ by passionate request.

FORCED TO MODE present their „Devotional Tribute“ at
the highest possible level. That’s been assured by audience and press reactions at live shows and
videos captured at those concerts really speak for themselves.
What makes a FORCED TO MODE show unique? 

It’s the energetic live performance, an unbelievably
„close to the original“ sounding voice and the urge to re-create every possiblesound detail.

At the previous Forced To Mode shows the band was geared to the artistic pinnacle of Depeche Mode, the 1993
Devotional tour. A milestone that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013. That was reason enough to
devotedly resurrect a terrific show, a perfect sound experience and great arrangements true to the original.

In the meantime Forced To Mode covers further eras of Depece Mode, for instance by celebrating the 30th anniversary of 
the classical and influential album "Some Great Reward" in September 2014 by playing most of its songs
including hits like People Are People, Master & Servant or Blasphemous Rumours.

By now Forced To Mode' s repertoire spans around 70 songs of Synth Rock institution Depeche Mode from all
decades and there’s no end in sight…

Matthias Kahra - Guitars
Thomas Schernikau - Keyboards
Christian Schottstädt - Main Vocals


„… Depeche Mode cover bands are a dime a dozen
but none of them can compete with those lads …“

„… probably Germany’s best Depeche Mode cover band …“

„… more than just an ordinary cover show – a real high quality tribute …“

„… probably the planet’s best Depeche Mode cover band …“

„… a show as close as possible to the original …“

„… it’s not just some random Depeche Mode cover band:
I heard people say this band being almost better than the original…“

„… once you’ve experienced F2M live you don’t want anything else anymore …“

„… as if DM themselves are playing …“MÄRKISCHE ALLGEMEINE
„… all DM fans should watch this band at least once …“

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