Dinner Club - Japanese

20 apr 2018 kl. 19:00 - 21:15

Kraftwerket, Valgårdsvej 2, 2500 København

Welcome to Dinner Club, a culinary happening hosted at the TV Studio.

The Concept
An evening spent with us differs a great deal from the traditional restaurant experience. On that plate, focus is put on the social bit through the inclusion of the round table, and breaking bread with fellow food lovers. Add to that the storytelling element, and you have yourself a formula for a cozy night.

The Chef
Plant based cuisine being his expertise, Plamen currently works as freelancing chef in Greater Copenhagen. Previously, his passion and curiosity in the culinary field have driven him to traverse the meridians and parallels of Scandinavia, Latin America and Asia where the specifics of local cuisine have been examined.

More of the chef's work can be seen on instagram.com/veganculinaria, as well as photos and reviews from previous events on facebook.com/VeganCulinaria

A Four Course Menu
Being in a league of its own, Japanese cuisine is distinctive for its elegant simplicity and high quality. Our culinary tour continues with a visit to the island secluded from foreign influence for over 200 years. Join us on Friday to share a uniquely devised menu for the occasion. The dishes are revealed one by one as the evening unfolds.

The Practicalities
Once a seat is booked, the final details are sent over by email. The price for the early birdies is 150 kr.

Looking forward to seeing you around the table!

Seat Around the Table

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