Eclectic Resonance

Studiestræde 52, 1554 København
02 okt 2021 kl. 22:00
03 okt 2021 kl. 05:00
Super arrangør
Billetter DKK 280,00 - DKK 350,00
Billetter DKK 280,00 - DKK 350,00

Eclectic Resonance is a far winding, fluidly immersive journey - like letting go into the waves of the ocean, into the depth of dance, by allowing the DJ’s and dancers a flow in time, to weave coherent tapestries of pulsating life.

Representing different colors of sound, we’ve invited some of the leading local and international producers and DJ’s with the same vision, to share their sense of traversing into the sound.
It's a safe space to release into discovery, held by producers, DJ’s, organizers, artists, painters, creators, foodies and volunteers - all breathing the eclectic resonance of tolerance, openness and presence.

We invite you on journeys into the electronic music universe – here is everything from soft ambient drones, organic dub, energetic and melodic house, hard pumping techno beats and enchanting trance, ready to give you an experience where you’ll get an opportunity to dive into all the amazing things music has given all of us.



Beat:Us [beātus; happy, blessed, fortunate]
Beat:Us purpose is to merge the electronic music scene in Denmark, through co-creation with different actors across the country.

Our vision with Beat:Us is to create an extended community across the electronic music genres - creating new opportunities for organizers and artists to get inspired, connect, and co-create.

The team behind Beat:Us has roots in a wide spectrum of electronic music, and have seen the community from a lot of different angles around the world, and intend to incorporate all of our experiences in our events.
We strive to create high quality events – for the music geek, the experienced clubber, the curious ecstatic dancer and the now born raver!
You will be guaranteed interesting, fun, and unique journeys, in a different format than we are used to on the dancefloor.


Pumpehuset ligger i hjertet af København og præsenterer, på husets tre scener Kransalen, Sort Sal og Byhaven, en bred vifte af koncerter året rundt. Pumpehusets musikprogram dækker alle de forskellige vinkler på den moderne, urbane kultur.
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