English language city walk. All the world's in Christianshavn

11 aug 2018 kl. 14:00 - 16:00

In front of Our Saviours Church in Christianshavn, Sankt Annæ Gade 29, 1416 København K

400 years of life along the canals.

Part of the Christanshavn 400 years Festival programme.

Christianshavn is the exeptional old city neighborhood in Copenhagen, full of everyday life and the home of 8000 inhabitants. It lies on narrow islands bordered by canals and old city ramparts.

It was built partly on shallow waters and partly on king Christian the 4'th's dreams of trade and wealth. Through all it's history many languages have ben spoken along the water. Dutch city builders, china traders, a trigger happy Norwegian admiral and a Scotch engineer figure in the story. But also merchandise and ideas have gotten to here as the first place in Denmark. We'll visit both the Foreign Ministry at Asiatic Place, Greenland Trade, and the Free City of Christiania.


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