Entrance - Building Communities presents: El Chaco Verde

13 mar 2020 kl. 20:00 - 14 mar 2020 kl. 01:00

Union, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 København

Come and enjoy Dj Mescal & Friends, drinks and Argentinian Food and support reforestation projects in El Chaco Salteño
Uddybende beskrivelse af begivenheden: A night of good vibes, global bits, food and drinks all for a good cause. The surplus goes to reforestation and cooperative projects in El Chaco Salteño. For every 15 DKK we fundraise, we plant a tree.

El Chaco Salteño is the "forgotten" region in Argentina, populated mainly by the índigenous communities, Wichí and Chanés-Guaraní who used to live of the forest. With the vaste deforestation in the region because of extended soja industriel agriculture their liveliood has been wiped away. Building Communities supports reforestation and establisment of cooperatives in cooperation with three Communities.