European Cearmic Context 2018 // TALK 1

14 sep 2018 kl. 18:00 - 20:00

Srenbrudsvej 43, 3730 Nexø


By virtue of Bornholm’s prominent new title as the first ‘World Craft Region’ in Europe, the island has indeed gained momentum as a craft art region. Craft art has become a marketable business, thus spurring the growth of the island’s craft art environment and highlighting the potential for new joint ventures and partnerships, similar to the ones already implemented in the restaurant business.
Bornholm has always had a foresighted craft-art industry exemplified by the successes of Hasle Klinker and Hjorths Fabrik in Denmark and abroad. Bornholm’s current endeavours are steeped in the history of applied arts – infused with the dynamism of passionate pioneers and skilled creators – which also constitutes the foundation of the innovative, political and cultural visions aimed at propelling Bornholm into the 21st century as a potent business and brand.


DKK 75,00 + DKK 10,61 gebyr