F'LJÓÐ Living Room Concert and Literary Evening

27 aug 2019 kl. 20:00 - 22:00

18 Stoffalág, 100 Tórshavn


Welcome to an inspiring and engaging living room concert and literary evening in a cozy Faroese home in Tórshavn

Read a brochure with info about the F'LJÓÐ events here:
The host of the F'LJÓÐ events - and this evenings music performer, Elin Brimheim Heinesen, is a well-known singersongwriter in the Faroe Islands. She welcomes you to an inspiring evening in her home in Stoffalág 18 in Tórshavn, formerly owned by her late parents - her father, Jens Pauli Heinesen, a famous Faroese author, and her mother Maud Heinesen, also a writer, but of children's books.

As a guest you will experience live music, storytelling and readings of literature. You will also be served coffee, tea and cakes as you get take a tour of Elin's parents home and working space, preserved as it was when they lived and worked there.

In addition to hosting the evening, Elin will be singing and playing her own music together with a pair of fellow musicians, some of it composed to poems by her father.

NOTE that the language spoken by the host this evening will be English!

Here is a typical programme for a F'LJÓÐ event:

20:00 - The host welcomes the guests in person and shows them to the living room, where they will be seated for most of the evening

20:10 - The host tells the audience about the house and its former inhabitants, the concept of the F'LJÓÐ events and the programme for the evening

20:20 - First half of the concert: 
This evening, Elin, the host, performs her own music together with fellow musicians

20:50 - Break. Coffee, tea and cake are offered to the guests (included in the ticket price). The guests also have time to get some fresh air and/or smoke a cigarette in the garden 

21:05 - The host reads excerpts from her fathers literature

21:15 - Second half of the concert:
Elin, the host, performs her own music together with fellow musicians

21:45 - The host shows the guests her parents workplaces. Before the guests leave, they are offered the possibility to buy the performer's music albums as a memory of the evening - for a reduced price and signed by the performer personally.

22:00 - The evening ends


MORE INFO ABOUT F'LJÓÐ LIVING ROOM CONCERTS AND LITERARY EVENINGS HERE: https://issuu.com/elinbrimheimheinesen/docs/faldari_stovukonsertir_fljod_en