Folkemødet: Designing Privacy

16 jun 2018 kl. 16:30 - 17:15

DACs telt på Folkemødet – F22 (Bibliotekshaven), Strandvejen 14, 3770 Allinge

Designing Privacy

Diskussions- og forskningsprojekt omkring privatliv i den digitale æra.
Designing privacy is an ongoing research project and discussion started ind 2017 by Canadian design studios Present-Futures and Department of Unusual Certainties. The project aims to further the public conversation surrounding "privacy" in this digital age.
This iteration of the project is called the terms & conditions of exchange and is presented by the Department of Unusual Certainties at Folkemødet 2018. It takes the form of an interactive installation, that intends to make the transfer of information, which happens in a digital exchange, tangible for the particioants. In this case the guests who visit Danish Architecture Centers tent.
Department of Unusual Certainties is a toronto-based studio who design collaborative processes for engagement, communication and education.

Designing Privacy

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