Guitar Wolf (jap) + Tumor Warlord

10 nov 2011 kl. 21:00 - 23:00

Stengade 18, 2200 København N.


“Don`t move needle, just red zone” – this quotation by Guitar Wolf during a recording session shows what Guitar Wolf is all about: Three guys and their dedication to true Rock’n Roll! In contrast to many other rock bands, Guitar Wolf is truly living the Rock’n Roll lifestyle like no one has ever done before and you can hear that in their songs: Sweat, blood, tears and unfiltered pure energy result in wild and destructive Rock’n Roll anthems! But Rock’n Roll is still not enough for a band like Guitar Wolf and so they launched a whole new genre called „Jet Rock’n Roll“ which depicts best the wild mixture of Punk, Rock and Noise!

Guitar Wolf has gained a cult status all around the world, like no other Japanese band before! Their fierce live performances and apperance in the Trash-Rock’n Roll movie „Wild Zero“ caused a lot of attention all over the world. In 2011 Guitar Wolf are still loud as hell, coming up with their brand new record „SPACEBATTLESHIPLOVE“, which sounds more differentiated and more diversified without neglecting their garage Rock’n Roll roots. So you better prepare yourself for the ultimate Rock’n Roll experience, because their are many rock bands but only one Guitar Wolf! „SPACEBATTLESHIPLOVE“ will be out on the 27th of May including the european exclusive bonus tracks „Egypt Rock“ and „Jet Satisfaction“.



TUMOR WARLORD (Helsingør/Amager)

Tumor Warlord, som blev dannet i december 2010, har rødder i bands som Cola Freaks, Spider Babies, Idi Amins, Hellroute 16, The Great Veil med flere. Trommer, orgel, guitar og vokal tilsat tekster om bio-tech nihilisme, krig og menneskeligt forfald. En bestemt genre er ikke målet, men en fælles fascination af misantropisk dyster punk og tungere rock er til stede. To kommende EP udgivelser på det amerikanske Jeth-row Records og svenske Ken-rock er på vej.

Jet Generation

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