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Hackathons, is it a change maker? with Charlie Portelli and Teemu Lehtinen

26 jan 2019 kl. 13:00 - 13:45

BLOXHUB, Bryghusgade 8, 1473 København

Hackathons have been around for quite a while. OpenBSD claiming to have hosted the first one in June 1999. In recent years hackathons have grown in popularity within the AEC industry and are spanning the globe popping up in various cities. The success of these events are becoming the driver of innovation, spawning solutions that are adopted as industry utensils. The drafting pen is traded in for the IDE; the sketch paper becomes the dll.

Teemu Lehtinen from KIRA-digi and Charles Portelli from Thornton Tomasetti CORE studio will share some of their experiences attending hackathons and discuss highlights from those events and how they have shed light into the AEC Technology space.

Teemu Lehtinen

Teemu is CEO of KIRAHub and CDO of the governmental KIRA-digi project which is boosting digital transformation of the built environment sector in Finland. Over 100 experimental projects worth total over 10 Million Euros have been ignited during 2017-201

8 covering the whole lifecycle of the built environment. Teemu has been at Stanford University as a visiting scholar twice and is the local lead for AEC Hackathons in Finland. As a continuation for KIRA-digi, Teemu is starting a Built Environment Innovation Hub in Helsinki to unite the Finnish innovation ecosystem and take the collaboration in the Nordics and globally to the next level.

Charles Portelli

Charles is a licensed architect and designer based in New York City with a strong interest in computational design, continuously exploring new methodologies that link design, construction, and fabrication together. Most of his work creates a connection between the digital and physical realms. Currently, Charles is an Associate Applications Developer at Thornton Tomasetti’s CORE Studio where he focuses on the intersection of computational design, application development, and product development utilizing agile techniques to develop various applications used in the AEC industry.


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