Heavy Days In Doomtown III 1st- 4th May 2014

01 maj 2014 kl. 17:00 - 19:00

Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61, 2400 Copenhagen NV

ABYSMAL GRIEF (it) / BABY WOODROSE (dk) / DOPELORD (pl) / DOUBLESTONE (dk) / DREAD SOVEREIGN (irl) / “DWELLERS IN TWILIGHT” -performed in its entirety by members of Aldebaran and Shadow of the Torturer (us) / GLITTERWIZARD (us) / GOATESS (swe) / GRAVES AT SEA (us) / ISOLÉ (swe) / LEECHFEAST (sl) / LOSS (us) / NIGHTSLUG (d) / OF THE WAND AND THE MOON (dk) / ORANSSI PAZUZU (fin) / PURPLE HILL WITCH (n) / SABBATH ASSEMBLY (us) / SKEPTICISM (fin) / SOURVEIN (us) / SWITCHBLADE (swe) / TAURUS (us) / THE BODY (us) / THE GRAVIATORS (swe) / UZALA (us) / VIDUNDER (swe) / WINDHAND (us) / WHITEHORSE (aus) / WITCHSORROW (uk) / YURI GAGARIN (swe)

"Heavy Days In Doomtown -a DIY celebration of all things slow and heavy"
will be a 4 day event from 1st to 4th of May in Copenhagen, Denmark.
- A warm up show on Thursday at Loppen, Christiania
-3 days of music, art, events and madness at the DIY activist driven social centre
Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61

The festival is organized by the association "Undergrundsmusikens Fremme" (translated: Undergroundmusic promotion) based in Copenhagen, Denmark and the underground booking agency Killtown Bookings.

The whole event is organized by the DIY principles, which means that neither the organizers, the bands or the people who work at the fest are making any profit, and our main purpose besides having an amazing fest full of heavy music, is to promote the DIY principles to the genres who doesn’t usually organize this way.

Besides music, were inviting a bunch of great artists to come and make installations, visuals and more before and during the festival to make the expeirence of the fest visual as well as musical.

We hope to see all of you in Copenhagen in May for Europes heaviest underground event of 2014!

More info: www.heavydaysindoomtown.com or on Facebook.

All the best//
HeavyDaysInDoomtown Crew

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