Horse Orchestra @KB18 - Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018

07 jul 2018 kl. 19:00 - 21:00

KB18, Kødboderne 18, 1714 København

Horse Orchestra @KB18 - Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018
Lørdag 7.Juli 2018
Døre åbner kl 18.00
Koncert starter kl 19.00
Entre - FORSALG : 80 Kr - ENDS AT 18.00
I døren : 100 Kr
Horse Orchestra

Horse Orchestra is a very special band on the modern Nordic jazz scene. The band members succeed in combining parts of the history of jazz with modern barrier-breaking musical experiments. In Horse Orchestra's universe classical 1920s New Orleans meet 1960s freejazz as well as hiphop and modern classical music, and it all ends up in an original, post-modern style that has no equivalent on the Nordic jazz scene.
Horse Orchestra consists of seven young musicians from Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the band is a testimony to a new generation of musicians who master their musical historical legacy and try to help modern jazz music reach new heights. For Horse Orchestra humor is just as important an element as the instrumental equilibrism and the compelling compositions. In this way, the humorous and flourishing music is so infectious that you happily engage with the orchestra's occasionally extreme tonal experiments.
The orchestra's debut album, Living the Dream (2014) was rewarded two Danish Music Awards in the categories New name of the year and Special release of the year. The jury said:
This band consists of young musicians who have no respect for conventions. They do as they please without looking to what other musicians do. One moment they may plunge into New Orleans compositions from the 1920’s, and the next moment jazz from 1960’s Chicago, playing both styles with equal conviction – while at the same time adding to the music a personal and original touch.
In October 2016 Horse Orchestra released their second album, Four Letter Word, to great reviews. In June 2018 the band will release a video EP.
Horse Orchestra has performed in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Germany, England, Serbia, Hong Kong and China.

A fantastic group, who indiviually and collectively deliver with impressive virtuosity and subtlety. - Berlingske Tidende
Living the Dream is a fine and fun introduction to a party band whose performances almost negate Scandinavians’ reputation for humorlessness. At the same time the soloists’ strength and the arrangements’ sophistication suggest investigating the players’ style in less raucous surroundings. -

Erik Kimestad (tp)
Ingimar Andersen (as, ts, c)
Petter Hängsel (tb)
Kristian Tangvik (tub)
Jeppe Zeeberg (p)
Nicolai Kaas Claesson (b)
Rune Lohse (dr)

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