INDUSTRIA - seaborn fully immersive interactive experience

Refshalevej 167 M, kajplads 697, 1432 København K
09 sep 2020 kl. 18:15
27 sep 2020 kl. 21:30
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Billetter DKK 190,00 - DKK 230,00
Billetter DKK 190,00 - DKK 230,00

The first of its kind, INDUSTRIA is an immersive arts experience showcasing hypnotic interactive art, alongside playful performances that reimagine life at the shipyards of 1911. Marvel in the fire installations over the harbor, pulse jet engine instruments, underwater lights, and much more. All this action happens on Illutron, an impressive four-level barge that comes alive in the age of steel, fire and steam. Delight your senses and support our arts community! Get your tickets at

The year is 1911 and B&W on Refshaleoen has grown into a world industrial leader and about to launch "the world's first large ocean-going diesel-powered ship", the MS Selandia.

Audience roam the four story ship, an interactive art reimagining of an age of steam, steel and fire. Site specific, immersive theater in which the audience is free to choose what to watch and where to go. Witness the art installations and follow an array of performers / characters based on local historical research and Charles Dickens novel Hard Times .

The birth of the industrial era has created a strong footprint on the environment, society and life as a whole. Its utilitarian rules have been a source of both (technological / economical) civil progress and suppression of organic origins. Reliving the relationship between machines and humans may help us to rediscover our proximity between technology and humanity.

Industria will take a place at the art ship ILLUTRON, located at the former ' Burmeister & Wain ' shipyards turned cultural island in Refshaleøen, Copenhagen. (9-27 Sept, Wed-Sun, 15 performances). There are multiple arrival times for the same evening performance.

INDUSTRIA follows corona guidelines and has taken measures to incorporate safe practices, sanitization, and masks into the world building experience. You are welcome to additionally byo mask. We ask for your correct email and phone number for the purposes of contact tracing in the unlikely event of exposure and comply with all GDPR laws.

The event is recommended for 13+ and is not wheelchair accessible. The safety of our performers is of utmost importance. Guests must follow clear guidelines so everyone can enjoy. Poor disorderly behavior, as deemed by us, can and will result in rejection from the event without refund. Wear practical shoes and dress warm.

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Illutron is a collaborative interactive arts studio. Illutron creates large scale interactive art, intriguing explorations into the realm where art and technology meet, experiments in the water and is a place for individual or collaborative work

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INDUSTRIA - seaborn fully immersive interactive experience

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