06 jul 2017 kl. 10:30 - 12:30

INGENMANDSLAND, Mølhøjvej, 9640 Farsø

▉▉▉▉ FOOD

▲ Provided by Restaurant SåRT ▲

☆ One free meal per day is INCLUDED, and a light breakfeast buffet. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Mostly vegetarian food.

☆ Pizza, toasties, cakes, and other goodies can be purchased throughout the festival.

☆ Coffee and tea is free!

▉▉▉▉ MUSIC

▉▉▉▉ MUSIC

▲ GOUYE GOI ▲ (SEN/DK) Fri. 21.00

A 6 man orchestra that delivers an evocative and seductive set that meets it’s listeners with playful afro-rythms, peculiar themes and deep grooves. All spiced up with vocals from Senegalese Pape Seck. Gouye Goi’s live set is energetic and filled with contagious joy. An experimenting mix of west african music fusioned with western funk, jazz and blues.

▲ GOLOSA LA ORQUESTA (CL) ▲ Fri. 23.00
A 6 man folk orchestra, all the way from Santiago, Chile! With roots from Latin american rhythms, they will move into genres like Jazz, Swing, Folk, Milongo etc. Get ready for a dancing hot show!
Golosa La Orquesta will also host a workshop about Latin american music at the festival

▲ CHRISTIAN D'OR ▲ Sat. 18.00
Somewhere in between legend and rising star is where you’ll find Copenhagen DJ & producer/vocalist Christian d’Or. With his Disco Dick parties at the now infamous Bakken, d’Or played a big part in the reshaping of the old Meat Packing District into a serious party mecca for Copenhagens trend-setting youths.
Always aiming a bit below the belt, the Disco Dick club nights and Christians public image has always hinted at the humorous decadence and sexual energy of the original disco scene of the 1970’s. But far from simple gimmicks, the musical depth of d’Ors selections behind the decks speak of an eclectic vision way beyond the confines of simple genres. Without compromising, d’Or has made a mark on Copenhagen as a DJ who can both entertain and innovate.

▲ EVERY101 ▲ Sat. 23.00
Every101 (everyone-oh-one) is a electronic trio (sometimes duo ;)) formed by members of the rave-organizing group Seaworld. Through a series of parties, Seaworld have lately transformed the local clubbing scene, offering old school raving atmosphere, classic techno and acid house to dance-crazed Copenhagen clubgoers. Every101 continues this same vibe and philosophy; as the name suggests, everyone is invited to party. It’s a back-to-basics celebration of community and hedonistic optimism created by the carefree spirit of packed clubs.

▲ KJARTAN BUE ▲ Fri. 17.00
Danish/Norwegian singer/songwriter Kjartan Bue from Jelling writes poetic stories concerning encounters between and within human beings. As a songwriter he draws inspiration from artists like Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen. His many performances in Belgium, France and the Copenhagen area has given Kjartan Bue a solid reputation for his present and compelling live appearance

Mantra Soundsystem explores the magical sounds of global electronic music, and presents audiences with a tornado of danceable rhythms and mystical vibe. By mixing genres such as cumbia, tropical bass, baile funk and dub Mantra Soundsystem creates a unique mix, where delicate sounds from ancient temples and forgotten deserts meets urban noises and gritty beats from all parts of the world.

A fairly new jazz-quintet from Aarhus. A music collective that floats in a galaxy where there is plenty of room for improvisation and creativity.
Their spacy sounds makes your mind wander and float. So kick back and relax with one of our nice cocktails, while these guys fill your ears with smooth liquid jazz! They recently released their first album "Hoax", and will be touring Denmark this summer.

▲ WORKERS IN SONGS ▲ Fri. 19.00
For the second time in IML history, the hard working members of Workers in Songs will be guesting our yard. In 2014 they played a memorable concert that left traces in all of us for months and months. The band plays some very catchy alternative country/americana tunes, with drums, banjo, guitar and upright bass. And with the added wrath and melancholy of the lead singer, him and his four handsome disciples knows the hard-working recipe to a countrylicious succes. ;)

An interesting beautiful mix of weird, funny and deep lyrics, spoken words, with an added loop guitar.

▲ DANLEY RUBRIX (DJ) ▲ Sat. 21.00
Our resident DJ, this is music for sex, dancing and kissing. "Share love", is the first sentence in the bible of Danley Rubrix ;)
Music you know and don't know.

.... stay tuned for more music!

.... stay tuned for more music!

☆ Tantric play and workshop
☆ Yoga for body and soul
☆ South American music workshop
☆ West African dance workshop
☆ YOLO Tattoo
☆ Perleplade Syndikatet
☆ Nail games ;)


Tents only! Come early to get the best spots. People with kids can pinch a tent on the neighbour ground. Bring your own plate and cutlery (also available in the bar/2 tokens)
Own stove and camping equipment is allowed but everything is available at the festival, so there is no need to bring it. Bonfire all day all night.
No power supplied, recharge your phone at the service area. Wifi access is provided on site.


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