Japanese Shomyo Chant Workshop with Junko Ueda

Valhalsgade 4, 2200 København
09 feb 2019 kl. 10:00 - 13:00
Billetter DKK 400,00 - DKK 520,00
Billetter DKK 400,00 - DKK 520,00

This workshop introduces the Japanese Buddhist chant Shomyo, which is 
originated from the 9th century. Under the guidance of Junko Ueda, the
participants will practice how to sing Shomyo. Besides, breathing and
body exercises are introduced. Anyone can join this workshop as no
musical knowledge is required. Read more about Shomyo here.

Learn about the Japanese Singer Junko Ueda here.

(Photo credit: Dora Zarzavatsaki)

The aim of the workshop:

  • To enjoy the group singing. Shomyo chant embraces differences of each one’s voice qualities.
  • To experience the 1200-year-old Japanese ancient music and to explore its concept.
  • To train consciousness and control of the breathing.
  • To learn about the energy centre of the body called ‘Hara’ (Seika-Tanden) and to release the stress-level.
  • To enjoy simple body exercises.
  • To train overall concentration.
  • To stimulate an inner creativity.
  • To develop vocalization and body control (certainly useful for wind instrument players and vocalists).

Because of its style of slow melismatic Shomyo chanting, the
participants will be stimulated to concentrate on their breathing in a
quiet manner. While enjoying singing basic Shomyo melodies and meeting
this ancient tradition, we will aim to discover the wisdom and the power
of the breath, and its essence for humanity.

Since 1995, Junko Ueda has been presenting Shomyo workshop. Through promoting these
ancient and universal melodies, she supports a global sustainability
with thinking about good air as a primary importance to enjoy the

Contents of the workshop

  • Warming up: Breath and body exercises, aiming to the consciousness to the breath and the energy centre called ‘Hara’ (Seika-Tanden).
  • Introduction of Shomyo: First we learn various Shomyo melody patterns and later we sing musical variations using these melody patterns.
  • Singing traditional Shomyo pieces: Practice 'Sange' and 'Taiyo'.

Practical information

The workshop will be taking place in "Store Sal" in Osramhuset, which is on the first floor of the location. 

OBS: it is no longer possible to get in by scanning your yellow card, instead you will receive a code from me once you have signed up. If you sign up in the very last minute on Feb.9, please text me at 26419932 to receive a code.

In case of any other problems arises, please call Ying-Hsueh  at 26419932 or Mei-Long at 27589056.

"Store Sal" will be open at 9:40. Please arrive 5 minutes earlier so we can all start on time. 

The workshop will be taken place in English. 

It is recommended for the participants to wear any style of casual clothes (better avoid high heels and neck-ties).

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Japanese Shomyo Chant Workshop with Junko Ueda

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