Jeppe Zeeberg & the Absolute Pinnacle of Human Achievement

15 jul 2018 kl. 14:00 - 15:00

Halmtorvet 15, Halmtorvet 15, 1700 København

Jeppe Zeeberg & the Absolute Pinnacle of Human Achievement

Jeppe Zeeberg is a pianist, improviser, composer and tireless band-leader. Respected jazz blog Saltpeanuts* has described him as ‘an excellent composer and pianist...a musical genius’.

This concert is based around music from Zeeberg’s latest album, The Four Seasons. Released on Barefoot Records in 2017, the album garnered immediate critical acclaim in both Denmark and around the world, with Canadian magazine Textura describing it as “music that's never less than compelling and at its best is exhilarating”. The music is truly Zeeberg’s eclectic style, frequently veering between strict composition, free improvisation and field recordings. For touring purposes, the ensemble becomes a quartet consisting on a handful of Copenhagen’s most vital and energetic young musicians.


Jeppe Zeeberg - keys

Henrik Olsson - guitar

Casper Nyvang Rask - bass

Anders Vestergaard - drums

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