John de Ruiter - Summer Retreat

29 maj 2019 kl. 14:00 - 02 jun 2019 kl. 21:00

Vollerupgade 2A, 4792 Askeby


It is with great joy that we announce again the return of renowned philosopher, John de Ruiter, to Scandinavia. Through silent connection and incisive dialogue with questioners, John will continue to uncover life’s meaning, this spring at the Moen Retreat Centre.

Canadian Philosopher John de Ruiter is an innovative voice for spiritual evolution, teaching that life’s meaning can be known and lived through “core-splitting honesty.” In his teens, John awakened to foundational levels of existence. Ever since, his life and teaching have been informed by that direct knowing, a true inspiration that he encourages in others.

John’s meetings include silence, connection by eye-contact, and dialogue. They are an opportunity to come to rest while actively realizing deeper levels of being human, knowing what we really are, and allowing that greater reality to change our lives.

  • Meetings consist of dialogue and silent connection
  • Meet John at the informal gatherings throughout the retreat
  • Limited availability of single rooms.

John is the son of Dutch immigrants to Alberta, Canada. His father was a shoemaker who taught the trade to his son when John was a boy. As a young man, John experienced years of turmoil after a tremendous awakening came and went. After three years reaching for it, John relaxed in 'absolute surrender and okayness,' and found again his well-spring of awakening. Since 1986, John has developed a vast body of teachings, sharing his awakening with hundreds of people around the world.

John's teaching focuses on complete honesty of heart, and the knowing within it. Openness and softness of heart is a major theme in John's meetings, allowing deeper levels of consciousness to change the whole person and life itself, only for the sake of that fundamental love.

In his home of Edmonton, Alberta, John established The College of Integrated Philosophy to hold regular meetings and seminars, as well a bustling cafe each weekend. John de Ruiter is a leading presence of consciousness and love in today's world, providing a doorway that is both simpler and more brilliant than you can imagine.

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This retreat is taking place at The Retreat Center on the beautiful island of Møn - One and a half hour drive from Copenhagen.

Note! You are welcome to arrive the night before the retreat start - or stay the night after.. Extra nights are charged 50 € per night incl meal. We ask for cash payment for extra nights upon arrival. Please check in the box below, if you wish to stay extra nights.

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Single Room in village house (300 m away)

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Single Room in BnB (5 km away from the Venue)

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Double room (Price is in DKK)

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Dormitory Women (Price is in DKK)

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Bring your own Tent/camper. All meetings; fully catered with 3 meals a day. (Price is in DKK)

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Bring your own Tent/camper: All meetings; without meals. (Price is DKK)

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