Julehygge - Mexican experience

04 dec 2019 kl. 18:00 - 23:00

Oslo Pl. 1, 2100 København

Rossscammm Films & Marketing, Mexican Heart, and Ixchels Køkken have partnered to bring the best of Mexican cuisine to our friends and clients this Christmas season because we want to celebrate with our community and the ones who have helped us to build our businesses. We are nothing without a community and we want to celebrate with you.

We have organized a Julehygge night where you are going to be able to enjoy and try Mexican wine plus a delicious Mexican dinner cooked by Ixchel and Pamela known from Xilonen restaurant. 

In the first part of the evening, you will try and get to know Mexican wines that Mexican Heart brings to Denmark all the way from Mexico. We will have a sommelier who will walk you through the flavors, tastes, and colors of the wine also,  he will let you know which food we can accompany each one of the wines tasted during the night. 

In the second part of the evening, you will receive a welcome drink where you are going to meet and mingle with other people in the room and you will find a place to sit. Ixchels Køkken is in charge of bringing the best Mexican food to the table. You will have 3 courses of authentic Mexican food serve only for you. 


18h - 19h | Mexican wine testing

19h - 19:30h | Welcome drink

19:30h - 23h | Mexican dinner


Welcome cocktail: Fresh fruit Jarrito 

Tinga de Jamaica. 

A vegan spinoff of the typical plate from Puebla. Fried hibiscus in a chipotle sauce. 

3 shrimp combo. 

Habanero shrimp w/ lime mayo. 

Árbol shrimp w/ green chili mayo. 

Ajillo shrimp w/ chipotle mayo

Coba Bean salad. 

White beans and nopal cactus salad. 

Caldo de Birria

A thick beef broth  

Main course
Taco of cochinita pibil

Pork tenderloin marinated in achiote and oranges. Slow cocked wrapped in banana leaves. 

Quesadilla of Birria

Chili Marinated osso buco, simmered until tender in a folded chia tortilla with melted cheese. 

Chile Relleno

Chili stuffed with goat cheese. Served on a puff pastry bun with frijoles puercos and salad. 


Pastel imposible / choco flan Delicious chocolate cake with a flan topping. Served with a Ron Pope sauce (Mexican eggnog)

Dinner includes 3 drinks 

1 welcome drink + 1 glass of Mexican wine + 1 Mexican beer

About the organizers

Rossscammm Films & Marketing

Specialized in digital marketing, branding, and film promotion. Their mission is to help as many entrepreneurs and creatives as they can with the right marketing strategy. 

Mexican Heart

Imports top-quality Mexican gourmet products from Mexico. They import from manufacturers they personally know in Mexico so they guarantee these products represent the best and most authentic flavor of Mexico. 

Ixchels Køkken

Ixchel and Pamela are Ixchel Køkken. They were the souls of former Xilonen restaurant that became famous and loved by connoisseurs of Mexican food and culture.  They take now their talent and passion for what they do to the next level to introduce you to genuine and artisanal Mexican cuisine, without compromising in the quality of the ingredients they use to create delicious plates, that will make you love Mexican food even more. Certainly an outstanding option in catering.