Koncertperformance VREDE - De syv dødssynder

17 nov 2018 kl. 20:00 - 22:00

Koncertkirken, Blågårds Pl. 6A, 2200 København

【Koncertperformance "VREDE (Wrath)"】

-Following on the theme of Seven Deadly Sins-

Featuring: Other Story

November is a sinful month. This year "VREDE (Wrath)" will be presented with tremendously moving music and film at KoncertKirken. 

We are extremely honored to screen Other Story's film "Phyllis" (The description about the film is found below).

"Variations on the theme of Dies Irae (the day of Wrath)" composed by Eriko Makimura will be premiered. She will collect the audience's "wrath" and insert the explosive emotions into the piano.

Some authorities say that wrath is social criticism. However, do we really need to define intellectually what wrath means? We will keep tranquility about it until we explode on the stage. 

More info coming up soon on our Facebook Page. 

Stay tuned!

【Venue】Koncertkirken (Blågårds Plads 6A, Copenhagen)

【Dates】15-16-17, November, 2018

【Time】20:00 (doors 19:30)


Eriko Makimura: concept maker, artistic director and pianist 

Sofia Ivarsson: lighting designer 

Taeko Kasama: photo and graphic, assistant manager

【Other Story】

Film title:  Phyllis 

Produced by Other Story

Edit: Madeleïne Käte

Camera: Peter Laugesen & Madeleine Kate McGowan 

Sound: Per Buhl Acs

Singing: Mike Little Bear 


Adults: 150DKK

Students: 80DKK


- Dies Irae Ⅰ


Bless And Do Not Curse (improvisation)

- Dies Irae Ⅱ


A. Gosfield: Brooklyn October 5, 1941

- Dies Irae Ⅲ


E. Makimura: Variations on the theme of Dies Irae (premiere)

- Dies Irae Ⅳ


F. Rzewski: Winnsboro Cotton Mills Blues

- Dies Irae Ⅴ


F. Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2


This Other Story short-film, with Phyllis Young of the Lakota tribe from Standing Rock, is a part of the second series of Other Story films, Tribe of all Colors - intimate film-portraits of people who are investing themselves in the fight for this planet.

In these short documentaries, we get close to people who fight to protect the water flowing in the Missouri River, from oil-leaks in the Dakota Access Pipeline construction.

 Other Story met Phyllis Young by a side-stream to the Missouri River, and sat down with her by the water, to talk about ancestors, her experience of the uprising against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and about her message to the young people of today going into the future. Phyllis’ Lakota name is 'Woman who Stands by the Water'.


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